The most libertarian thing you can do for 15 dollars


I recently bought a 14,000 RPM Diamond Engraver Pen on Amazon, HERE. It’s AC-Powered, UL-Listed and comes with 3 tips. I’ve been using it to carve my name into personal property that I don’t plan on ever selling:


Libertarianism is based on property rights. Your property is more your property if it has your name carved into it. And cops will never get your stuff back if it’s stolen. But if you have your name carved into it, you might.

Some people recommend carving your social security number into your property because it’s more of a unique identifier than your name. I recommend against it. First, because thieves seeing your SS number on your stuff or in a photo of your stuff makes it easier to steal your ID. Second, most people don’t carry their SS card, but do carry their ID card, so if you ever have to prove you are the person connected to the property, you probably have the ability to do it on you at all times. Third, do you really want to use your FDR socialist government number to ID your stuff? I don’t.

If you have a fairly common name, like I do, add your middle initial, especially if if’s an uncommon middle initial like mine. (I do share it with George W. Bush, but don’t hold that against me, I didn’t choose that. And it’s not in his honor. W was an unknown 17-year-old prep school F-up when I was born and named.) If you don’t have a middle initial, use your name and your website address.

Wear eye protection and some sort of air filter mask (even just a cloth over your face is better than nothing) while using the engraver, it gives off a little cloud of particles while you’re using it. (Metal, plastic or whatever you’re engraving into.) If you have sensitive kitty ears like me, you’ll also want to wear hearing protection. The sound of a diamond drilling into hardened steel is pretty loud and horrible.

I also recommend keeping a record of the serial numbers of all your property too. But adding your name is an extra layer of security. If there’s ever a disagreement on who owns something, you may simply have to show some arbitrator your ID, rather than go home and get your list of serial numbers.

Disfiguring your property with your name also makes it less likely that you’ll try to sell it when you’re short on cash, because people are less likely to want to buy something that has someone else’s name carved in it.

–Michael W. Dean

Bill Buppert is recovering from a heart attack

Bill Buppert had a heart attack, but is recovering. He went in the hospital Saturday and didn’t want Ben Stone and I to tell anyone, but just gave me the OK to tell people.

Bill’s a friend, and a co-host on my nighttime radio show, Michael Dean After Dark. He does the site, is an author, and a great contributor to the Liberty Mission.

He just wrote this to Ben Stone the Bad Quaker and I, and said it was OK to share the info:

Ben and Michael!

I hope to get discharged today and had a stent put in yesterday for a 96% blockage in one valve. It may even increase my energy which has been consistently low for years. Thanks for the thoughts and the best gift I could get from you is to see you sometime in the future.

We will share a campfire, I hope to stoke the fires for a deep kinship with you and Micheal during Porcfest, I will be there.

This is just a speed-bump that I will turn to advantage.

Everything will be fine.

Can’t wait to come back on the show.


Bill Buppert

Smashy smashy, more adaptive programming.

“I’m all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let’s start with typewriters.” – Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959)

The above video is from Cinemasins, probably my favorite YouTube channel at the moment. Utilizing a movie decidedly familiar to Feens everywhere to provide a lesson on the broken windows fallacy. There’s some other funny stuff, for one thing, notice the dealership at three minutes eight seconds in. An Oldsmobile dealership, a car company that no longer exists is prominently featured. What I think is most interesting thing about this movie is that I and others consider demolition man to be one of the most optimistic future scenarios. But it’s still an outcome which would qualify as a disaster and cartoonishly outdated by modern standards. Wesley Snipes’s electric gun for instance is way too slow firing to use in actual combat. Read More »

Tips on being a Feens torrent seeder



So you want to earn your nerd merit badge, keep the Feens drone proof and get on the Golden Blockchain of Redemption?

So, this is so cool….Sean our Torrent guy and I have set up a torrent feed for all Freedom Feens and Michael Dean After Dark episodes, Anarchy Gumbo episodes and our music and movies. AND, you’ll get new things before everyone else who isn’t using the torrent link!

It works automatically, it’s completely legal (for now), and seeding will get you on the Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption by helping make the Feens’ media drone proof when it BECOMES illegal, which could be any day now, the way the Central Scrutinizer is stepping up its tyranny. Seed if you want, but at least have them. So if we get droned, or the site gets CISPAed, you can turn the torrents back on and start sharing.



If you want to just copy and paste it.


You insert it into uTorrent and it will AUTOMATICALLY download all the episodes you don’t have, and new ones, as they arrive. And we’re going to start putting our Tuesday Feens casts out a day early on Monday, via torrent. And we also often record Anarchy Gumbo episodes a week or more before they’ll go out as web episodes, so by torrenting and seeding, you’ll get stuff earlier than everyone else! (Like the Mojo Nixon interview I’m doing Nov. 30, 2012 that won’t come out on the Gumbo until eight days later on the podcast!) That’s one of the benefits of being in our torrent club and getting on the Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption!


You copy the Feens torrent link to your clipboard. Then open uTorrent, and over on the left, single left click on “Feeds.” Then Right Click on Feeds, and choose “Add RSS Feed.”

The feed URL should already be in there if it’s on your clipboard. If not, paste it in to the Feed URL space (after deleting the http:// that shows up automatically). Then in the same dialogue box, under “Subscriptions”, change it to “Automatically download all items published in feed”, and click the OK button.

If you’ve never downloaded Feens with uTorrent before, it will start downloading all of them. It may queue some for after the first bunch are done. If you’ve downloaded before, and have some of them, it will only download the ones you don’t have. And when we add new episodes to our Feens Torrent RSS feed, uTorrent will automatically download the new episodes. Easy, fun and breezy!

2/16/2013: If you plan to seed, DO NOT remove the completed torrent listings from your downloads list, or people cannot download these files from you anymore, unless you re-download all of them and then leave the torrent listings intact. I didn’t include this fact in the original post, because I thought it was obvious. But we had one fan write us who deleted them and wondered why no one was connecting to him, so I added this part.


Want to contribute to liberty but short on cash? You can help the Freedom Feens without even spending a post-1964 dime.

Download uTorrent (free) and start seeding Freedom Feens episodes and Anarchy Gumbo episodes. We also recommend running PeerBlock (free) while you’re running uTorrent. And when you install uTorrent, chose the option NOT accept the add-ons and toolbar when it asks you. Leave your computer on seeding the torrents, while you’re at work or asleep. Make sure if you leave your computer on 24/7 that you reboot it every few days.


uTorrent adds cheesy ads. Some look confusing, like this one (if you see this one or anything like it, do NOT click on it, it won’t likely do what it says it does):

1-ignore lies

There’s an article on removing ALL the ads from uTorrent, HERE.

I do torrent seeding and sharing of all Feens, Michael Dean After Dark and all the Feens movies and music using an old XP laptop on a table in the corner of the living room. I have it outside of my bedroom so the fan won’t keep me up at night. I have the screen timeout set up to shut off after two minutes of not using the mouse, to save power. I also have it set up to NOT shut off or hibernate when the lid is shut. (Settings for all this: right click desktop, go to properties/power. Or go to Power from the Control Panel.)

Then access the options in uTorrent from Options/Preferences:

Click Install IPv6 / Teredo:


Change the rest of the settings as shown in these images:


Change the settings to what you see here:




I set up the scheduler to NOT upload during times I need my full pipe, like when I’m doing my shows:


Here’s a YouTube video on using the scheduler.

As of 4/5/14, the entirety of the media on the Feens torrent RSS is 50 gigs (it was more, but I pruned it and deleted all the single episode entries that are also included in archives, and left the archive entries.) It took me 11 hours to do the initial download. With the torrent RSS feed inserted in uTorrent, new episodes upload seamlessly in the background. Except when doing my shows, where full bandwidth is mission-critical, using my full pipe to seed torrents is not noticeable, even when watching HD videos for hours on YouTube.

If you have torrent throtteling on your ISP, you can get around it by using Boleh VPN, and setting it to one of the Fully Routed servers. Using Boleh on one computer will not affect the IP and settings of other computers on the same router.


Here is a list of torrent programs and their features. Find yours on there and check the column called “Broadcatching (RSS).” It will say if that feature is supported for your program. If it is and you can’t figure out where to insert the RSS feed, a quick Google search of “RSS” plus “(the name of your torrent program)” will usually lead you to a page that will show you how. (Note: Transmission, the default torrent client in most GNU/Linux installations, does NOT have the RSS feature at this time. If you have Transmission and don’t want to install a different torrent program, you should be able to add the feed into the Live Bookmarks of your browser, and click on new items to manually download…When you click on an item, it will open up Transmission automatically and begin downloading.) NOTE: this is a machine-readable-only RSS feed, and will not work in iGoogle. If you want a feed that will work in iGoogle, this one of our Twitter feed will work, but you’ll have to manually click on each link to download.)

Thank you folks, and you’re doing a very good thing by spreading liberty and Feens media to the world. Remember, the more you seed the Feens, the more the State gnashes its teeth and fails.


p.s. If you have torrent questions about Feens torrents that aren’t answered here, please send an e-mail. (Don’t ask us about any non-legal torrents, we dunno about that.)

A Feen fan thinks I’m foolhardy for being charitable


I got an e-mail today from a guy who has donated fairly regularly to MWD-related freedom projects over the years:

“I kind of want to help you out and give you a hug for all your hard work. And service to this great nation of Nestlandia. But then I hear you are giving away 275 Amazon bucks of mics, and I am like ‘He is not that broke after all.’ I still love you man, it is just the hamster in my brain, he can’t commit to fund your general welfare. The new show is great and cool. I love not hearing about Bitcoins and drones the whole time. If you run into concrete funding problems for a liberty project or just hard times then let me know.”

I replied:

It sounds like you’re saying “I don’t want to be charitable to you because you might turn around and be charitable to others.”

I can see how it would look like I’m asking for money and then throwing it into the air, but that’s not really the case.

I’ve also never presented myself as broke. I’ve made it clear I’m not starving and that I use any money donated for progressing liberty, not for basic needs. My wife and I take care of our own basic needs. The only time I’ve ever expressed an actual NEED for anything personal was about 7 years ago when DJ needed money for expenses not paid by insurance on some very expensive, very needed surgery, and I believe you donated then. We were overjoyed with getting donations on that, it made us feel very comforted in an otherwise very scary situation.

I really like to give. If I ask to get sometimes, it’s for something specific. Like when I asked recently for the MeowBit project, and you gave, it was all used to pay Derrick, the programmer of MeowBit. Not a cent of your donation went into my pocket.

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Help Ben Stone, AND win a microphone – from The Freedom Feens and Michael Dean After Dark


Ben Stone at last year’s Porcfest. Ben is third from the right in this photo.

We’re trying to get Ben Stone to Porcfest. You can help, AND win a microphone. Ben is a great guy, a wonderful liberty podcast host on Ian Freeman’s (Free Talk Live’s) streaming network

Ben is recently recovering from a hospital stay for heart failure. He’s been invited to speak at Porcfest, but doesn’t have the funds.

No purchase or donation needed. Just share these two lines on all your social networks:

Help Ben Stone the Bad Quaker get to Porcfest!

and then post a link to it below as a comment. In 7 days, we will pick a winner at random and ship (within USA) the same great microphone the Michael Dean After Dark co-hosts are using, the USB enabled  Audio-Technica AT2005USB mic (See details HERE). It’s a great mic, good enough to start your own liberty podcast. And this mic will make you sound excellent when calling in on Skype to the Feens, MDAD, or Free Talk Live.

We’ll also include some foam windscreens for the mic (they help you get better audio), and a half-hour of tech support over Skype from Creamy Radio Audio guru, Michael W. Dean. MWD will help you hone your sound and get the best sound possible from this mic.

This contest is a labor of love from The Freedom Feens and Michael Dean After Dark radio shows.

Contest ends Thursday, April 3rd at 2 PM Wyoming time. Winner will be chosen and notified within 24 hours to get shipping address. If winner doesn’t respond in 24 hours, another random winner will be chosen.

–Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi, Freedom Feens.


Update: WE HAVE A WINNER! Brigid MacDonough.

Help Ben Stone The Bad Quaker Get To Porcfest

Share this on Twitter and elsewhere please:

Help Ben Stone the Bad Quaker get to Porcfest!

Short Summary

Ben Stone the Bad Quaker is the hardest working man in the liberty mission. He’s been asked to speak at Porcfest, but can’t afford the long travel and expenses. He’s an older fellow and on a limited income. He’s recently recovering from a hospital stay for heart failure.

What We Need & What You Get

We get Ben and his wife to Porcfest in style, and pay his expenses.

You get T-shirts, stickers, buttons and the gratitude of Ben Stone and his family. And you get to feel really really good about yourself.

The Impact

Proof that voluntaryist funding works. That you don’t need to ask the government for help. And you get to hear Ben speak at Porcfest if you’re there, and on the YouTubes if you’re not.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • Tell two friends
  • Post on your blog and social media sites. Mention in your liberty podcast or radio show.
  • You can donate Bitcoin or Namecoin here:
    • Send Namecoin to NDeu7sdqRGS2Ay9jcpDsW61qu4duXCGkjg
    • Send Bitcoin to 1LmByi2VpKajW8Vd4PDZfd6kqerMSMPGde

And that’s all there is to it.

Ben at Porcfest with friends last year. See how happy he is? (Ben is third from the right in this pic):

Help Ben Stone the Bad Quaker get to Porcfest!

Adaptive programming for the human mind

I have been percolating on this article for an absurdly long time. It has gone through more permutations and modifications than the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. But I have decided that the time has come for me to publish my opinion on this after having seen an act of violence on broadcast TV so horrific that I would have never imagined would have been allowed to air, even on cable.
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This is seconds before I told Jeffrey Tucker he is the world’s first “Blockstrian Economist

Blockstrian Economists = A term Bitcoined by Neema Vedadi for Austrian economists who understand  the revolutionary significance of the blockchain. Those who practice Blockstrian Economics.

If you’d like to share just the GIF try this



A smidgen of evil

Evil fish

“May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.”
George Carlin

Many years ago I considered myself an evil person. I considered myself evil for one simple reason. I did not fit in to my environment, I was a clichéd moody loner who kept to himself, liked guns and had few friends. Then I suffered a complete nervous breakdown after almost getting beaten to death over what I consider to be one of the dumbest reasons imaginable to beat a kid half to death in a locker room. (The reason was a disagreement over the existence of kangaroos in the wild in New Zealand.) As a result my life left the preprogrammed trajectory of going to high school, becoming a real estate agent or insurance salesman. Having a bossy wife, annoying kids, divorce and eventual death of a heart attack sometime after the age of sixty. Read More »

What you’re missing by not having MeowBit

My dot-bit only website, http://dotbitkittypix.bit/

New kitty pix almost every other day!

You’ll need MeowBit (free) to access it and all the other wonders of the Dot-Bit web.

Get Yeowww! catnip (the BEST catnip) HERE.

If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?


An allegory of black helicopters. Or werewolves n things.

Evil choppa!

“Mr Diaz seems to suggest that Hassan was an utterly unremarkable specimen. A grumbling, sad, but otherwise harmless officer of the US army. With no obvious access to any weapon more dangerous than a butter knife. Until one day he went into a gun store and asked about getting a handgun. An advanced and powerful handgun. Then he laid his hands on an FN Five seveN automatic pistol and he turned into a goddamn werewolf.” Quoted from my review of the last gun.

A recent episode of the blame it on outer space podcast considered various fables relating to black helicopters. BioOS is a conspiracy theory takedown podcast out of New York which I recommend with one caveat. It’s done from a rather mainline liberal perspective. But hey, it’s a comedy, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously. Naturally I had heard of black helicopters before, that they were a symptom of various nefarious government programs. But this went further, getting into claims that black helicopters are living creatures. Flying monsters with minds of their own. Created parasitically by incubating in humans or other mammals until they explode out of the host body and go do whatever nefarious things that they do.
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Proof of how MeowBit and Dot-Bit domains would keep you drone proof in an ICANN takedown

So, I’ve been working with Derrick on MeowBit, and I know in theory that a dot-bit mirror would keep you accessible if some alphabet-soup 3-letter government agency stole your .com, .net, etc. domain name. But I wanted to try it for real.

I have a domain name, that I registered a year ago for Neema. He was going to start a holster company. Then he got too busy being a daddy and told me to let it expire.

So I put a .bit mirror up a few weeks before it expired. Here are both the dot-com and dot-bit working two weeks ago: before .com expires:


AnarchyHolsters.bit before .com expires:


And here they are both after the .com registration expired. This is what would happen if they were seized by ICANN (except the dot-com would probably have a logo with a bald eagle on it saying why it was important for your safety that it was seized): after .com expires:


AnarchyHolsters.bit after .com expires:

The .bit IS STILL VIEWABLE. So get MeowBit, get a .bit domain name and set it up to mirror your .com, and rock your freedom no matter what comes along.

And if they took your SERVER, you could upload to a new server, send an update to the blockchain (cost: seven cents) and within 40 minutes anyone worldwide with MeowBit could access the new site.

Andreas Antonopoulos Says States Can’t Stop Bitcoin

One of my favorite speakers at the Texas Bitcoin Conference was Andreas Antonopolous.  I didn’t even know he existed until his interview on Freedomain Radio last week where he out-ranted Stefan Molyneux. Here is Mr. Antonopolous’ response to fear of the Feds attacking Bitcoin.

Cash and Cryptos: Why not cash? [Cryptocurrencies Series Part 1]

[0] Ten xxxtra large

This is PART ONE of a series on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (aka cryptos for short), which will grow to include discussions on why they are a good thing, how they work, a brief overview of some of the current players, and finally how to buy and use them.  This first article won’t get too in-depth on cryptos themselves, as frankly there is a lot of ground to cover…I’m attempting to distill at least 2 years worth of personal knowledge in this series, so today we’ll just talk about what the dollar truly is as a setup to how cryptos can solve these problems.  Special thanks to Link Porterfield for reviewing and proofreading.

If you like the anonymity of paying with cash but are upset by bankster bailouts, out of control government spending, and are basically irritated by everything the Federal Reserve does, then you’ll probably dig cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and its derivatives. Here we will talk about why we need something other than Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) and how silver and gold, while absolutely sound investments, leave a lot to be desired in modern commerce. Finally we’ll take a very quick glimpse at Bitcoin’s potential in paving the way as a disruptive technology; a platform of decentralized trust that goes far beyond Bitcoin itself.

First a little context is necessary.  This article is for those who seek liberty and understand that while a great deal of liberty is achievable in the US, there are some caveats and a few real-world concessions.  We will look some of the drawbacks in FRNs as a form of money, and particularly as a form of savings, how they are used to re-distribute wealth (see chapter 2 in the link) and as a motivation to how these problems can be solved by open source, peer to peer cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Namecoin, Litecoin, and Ðogecoin.

What is $1 worth?

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Dot-Bit, Namecoin: Internet of future in “Quantum Vibe”

Prometheus Award Winner Scott Bieser put FreeSpeechMe and Namecoin into the future today in his Quantum Vibe graphic novel (It’s online, but becomes a published collection in books every year or so.)

I don’t know about you, but I’m psyched. Sheldon Cooper would plotz.

I wish there were a nerd merit badge for this. I know they have a “I’ve been BoingBoingED!” merit badge. But I’ve been Boinged 4 times and I find this a lot more exciting:
Full panel here:

Excerpt / closeup:

Neema’s back on Sundays starting this weekend!


Freedom Feens radio show news: Neema’s back full time both weekend days starting this weekend. Paternity leave is over. Thank you to everyone who helped out. And most of them will be taking occasional shifts co-hosting on MWD’s upcoming second radio show “Michael Dean After Dark”, starting some time in June.



Vostok watches, a voluntarist analysis and review.

Vostok, gun, coin and francs

Isn’t capitalism great? I am fully aware that most of what we have in the world now is what one should call crapatalism. An unwieldy mess of subsidies, taxes, tariffs, threats and other acts of violence. But when humans are allowed a little breathing room they will achieve some remarkable things.
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Double feature, The Wolf of Wall Street and Zeitgeist, moving forward

On the face of it, could there be a more ridiculous combination of movies could there be than these two? Well, I watched them both recently and I think they go together surprisingly well. Though combined they take up nearly six hours of film. Although I should preface this by saying that I did not view both in the same place in the same way. For those not properly briefed on the nonaggression principle and critical thinking. Moving Forward provides a blueprint for a much more sane society. While The Wolf of Wall Street provides an excellent example of why a more sane society must be brought about. Lest we be consumed by an ever expanding maw of insanity, aggression, drugs and greed. Read More »

Feens buttons now come with a movie and more!


When you order a ten-dollar batch of Feens buttons HERE, you now get two packs of five buttons each and also get a home-burned data DVD with the movie Guns and Weed: the Road To Freedom, and a whole bunch of Feens MP3s, and other fun things to entertain you and help keep us drone proof. (Cat not included.) We can also ship to Canada for 6 dollars extra.

All the data is licensed Creative Commons, so you can share it with as many people as you’d like! And sharing it a lot will get you on the Golden Floppy Disc of Redemption!



Review: The Incredibly Good (and Affordable) Audio-Technica AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic Mic

Originally published on Talkers magazine, January 7, 2014

By Michael W. Dean
The Freedom Feens
Genesis Communications Network

CASPER, WY — Remember that toy advertised on TV in the 1970s called “Mr. Microphone?” It was a cheap plastic mic with a built-in low-power FM transmitter. You could project a tinny rendition of your voice over any portable radio within oh…about 30 feet.

The Audio-Technica AT2005USB mic (GET IT HERE) kind of reminds me of the Mr. Microphone except that the AT2005USB sounds incredibly good. And instead of reaching every radio within 30 feet, it reaches every radio in America, or at least every radio in America that’s in a city where your show has an affiliate.

This would be a great mic for hosts who travel a lot, and don’t want to bring a mixer and a whole bag of gear or an engineer. It’s a regular-sized dynamic mic that sounds fairly amazing. It has a built-in USB interface, and comes with a nifty collapsible tripod table stand and a USB cable. You could fit that all in a netbook case with a small laptop. Add a set of earphones or even ear buds and you could do your show from anywhere. You could fit all that in a briefcase or purse.

If America collapsed and I was leaving the country in a hurry, this mic is the one thing I’d make sure to take besides my passport. Especially since these mics are about $50 here, but go for up to $500 in Europe due to their VAT taxes. (Get the gear you need now, because a national sales tax/luxury tax is probably coming to America sooner or later.)

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Make ready with Paul Liebenberg

Gun smithing, contrary to the belief of some it’s just another activity involving machinery. Not some crazy voodoo practiced by mad magicians of metal. Working on a gun is really not all that much different than a car, it’s just smaller, more reliable and perhaps a little less dangerous. Though both are incredibly dangerous if you are incompetent, or sloppy. Unfortunately knowledge of car repair seems to be more and more occulted lately, but I digress. I have been studying gun smithing on and off for the past few years and have picked up a few tricks. Unfortunately I am a visual learner, you can give me a book and I can read it a dozen times and not quite get it. Especially if the it in question is a mechanical subject. But, you hand me an instruction manual and the device it’s for. In a couple hours I will have it running like a top. Read More »

This week’s epiphany


I’m sure a lot of you have heard the mid-week podcast with Max Borders and MWD. This episode was a particularly great one for me, as it really broke down some subjects I hadn’t really delved into quite yet. I may dive in a bit here, so if you have not heard the episode and you do not want any spoilers, go listen first, then come back and finish reading.

So, you’re back. Well, let’s get into it. This week’s episode was of particular value to me, as it brought up specifically a point about places of birth, borders, and places of residence and their correlation to the rights you are allowed to have. It boiled down to the fact that you are restricted by state power completely unevenly depending on where you happen to reside. Of particular interest is the carrying of a defensive weapon and the restrictions placed on people who live in my home state of Illinois, and places like Wyoming where you needn’t even have a permission slip from big brother to defend yourself.

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The last gun, a statist viewpoint

Nasty book.

The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic. — H.L. Mencken

Those who regularly read this blog might be thinking right now, “who the heck is Tom Diaz and what does he have to do with libertarianism? Also why on gods green earth is this unabashed gun enthusiast called Hesperus talking about a book advocating gun control?” Well mr Diaz has absolutely nothing to do with anything resembling liberty. The man comes across as a very sad and angry fellow. Perhaps the most hardcore statist I have ever heard of in my entire life. Eclipsing even the various flavors of communists I have known. If only because the communists I have known understand that political power either grows from the barrel of a gun. Or it is the gun. I imagine an anarcho-capitalist therapist could have a field day with this author.
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Dancing with ghosts

Dancing ghosts

First off let me apologize for my prolonged absence, I have been sick as a dog for the past few weeks. But life appears to have gone on, congratulations to Neema and Jessica Romanowski-Vedadi

Now on to the thinky stuff.

Mental illness is a touchy subject for a lot of people. This is unfortunate, because practically every society on earth is riven with mental illness of some sort. Read More »